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Q: Which Highways Are Closed?
A: SR-148 Cedar Breaks from Highway 14 to Highway 143 is closed for the winter!! Brian Head Resort has no control over this closure. Please use the freeway, and take Exit 75. Travelers need to use the Parowan Brian Head exit (many people use SR 14 and add 2-3 hours to their drive).

Q: Do We Need Chains or 4 Wheel Drive?
A: Yes, depending on the weather. Contact UDOT at 866-511-8824 for updated road conditions. Better to have and not need.

Q: Why Are Some Chairs Closed?
A: Chair closures due to wind or lightening is a safety issue for guests and employees. Please watch current weather reports for storms in the area which can bring high winds.

Q: What Is The Proper Clothing:
A: Snow-pants, Coat, Gloves, Goggles, and Socks. All of the the fore mentioned items are mandatory.

Q: What Do My Kids Need To Take a Lesson?
A: Snow-pants, Coat, Gloves, and Socks. All of the the fore mentioned items are mandatory.

Q: Should I Wear Sunscreen?
A: Yes

Q: Should I Make Reservations?
A: Yes. Reservations ensure your spot in tubing and lessons. (especially during Holiday Periods)

Q: Do you offer a Military Discount?
A: Yes – 10% off a lift ticket. Must show ACTIVE military ID. (Unfortunately, this does not extend to Veterans, dependents or anyone other than the Active Military Member)

Q: Do You Rent Ski Blades, Ski Bikes or Snowshoes?
A: No, Only skis and snowboards are allowed on the slopes.

Q: Do you have a medical clinic?
A: We do not have a medical clinic. The closest medical clinic is located in Parowan.

Q: Does Brian Head Offer Snowshoeing or Cross Country Skiing?
A: Yes. There are areas in Brian Head Town, as well as nearby at Cedar Breaks National Monument and up Cedar Canyon.

Q: Can I Park My RV In Your Parking Lot?
A: Yes! If there is room at the Navajo Parking lot on the third tier. Do not obstruct any driveways or parking areas and there are no sewer or water hookups.

Q: Do you offer Daycare?
A: No