Brian Head Resort: The Ultimate Summer Fun Destination

Summer Fun in the great outdoors is only moments away at scenic Brian Head Resort!

Beat the heat with an outdoor retreat that includes all day access to:

Scenic High-speed Quad Chair Lift You’ll sail rapidly up pristine slopes over fields of flowers and green grass, past towering, majestic pine trees, all the while breathing in fresh, crisp air. Upon arriving at the top, you’ll see a vast expanse of natural beauty like no other, a beauty that centers and soothes the soul. You can share the moment, if you like, with those who mean the most to you because the quad lift seats up to 4.

Brian Head Resort is the best family vacation destination. Safe, scenic, and sure to please everyone. It is currently open every weekend, Fridays through Sundays, until September 26th.  Plan your trip today.

But wait. There’s more!

Mountain Biking Our lifts carry your bikes effortlessly uphill. We have 9 trails that appeal to all 3 levels, from beginners to intermediate to challenging runs for the advanced. With access to hundreds of miles of trails you’re sure to find a favorite. Check them out at

Family Adventure Trail Hike this scenic 3-mile trail that runs from Giant Steps Summit to the Giant Steps Lodge. Solve the puzzle to learn the secret of Desbah!

18 Hole Disc Golf Everyone of every age can play golf this way! Enjoy the up and down thrills with each throw. Whether you’re good, better, or best, enjoy this test of skill. Forgot your discs or don’t have any? We rent them at our Giant Steps Lodge for your convenience.

Ridge Runner Mini Zip Lines. Zip through the great outdoors! There are two side by side lines to choose from, one to the left and the other on the right. Pick your favorite side or glide down next to your BFF. Be advised, there are some sensible restrictions for weight and harness fittings.

Cliff Hanger Climbing Wall The more physically adventurous can have 3 goes at this challenging feature. And of course, fearless kids are always up for a try.

Peak Shot Bungee Trampoline Safely soar like an eagle! Go ahead and try out those flips. This is a terrific opportunity for concerned parents who want to guide their children’s desires for backyard trampolines. Safety harness and weight limits apply.

Avalanche Tubing Every run is sheer delight! And there are 2 different downhill tubing tracks to choose from.

Crooked Arrow Archery Revisit that familiar twinge from your first summer day camp experience and share it with the kids when they pull back a bowstring and let an arrow fly toward the target. Nothing like that gratifying thud when it hits the ring, and maybe even that bullseye thing!

If you have the endurance to hop ‘til you drop (or maybe you’re a bargain hunter with a keen eye for a great deal) take advantage of the All Day Activities Pass. For only $49 you get access to everything, with one exception. Mountain Biking and Disc Rentals are excluded from the All Day Activities Pass.

You can conveniently purchase single activity tickets or the All Day Activities Pass online at Just scroll to the bottom and click the preferred bar.

Contact us about group accommodations and special events.

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Our Brian Head Resort family wants yours to have the time of their lives in beautiful, scenic, fun-filled Southern Utah. Closer than you think and more fun than you can imagine. Come to Brian Head Resort today.