Explore Brian Head Mountain Bike Park 2022

If you haven’t experienced the rush and exhilaration of mountain biking at Brian Head Resort in Utah, you’re missing the thrill of a lifetime! Sitting above 9,000 feet high in the pristine mountain wilderness, Brian Head Mountain Bike Park offers greenery all around and a crisp blue sky above! Cool air! And the best time you will ever have on two wheels!

Get out of the summer heat and escape the noise and crowds of the city. Go where the air is fresh and free, where the breeze is cool, and the landscape is liberating. Where the shade is too chilly and the sunshine is just right. Yes, it’s a Little Red Riding Hood perfect temperature day! Come see for yourself.

Strap your bikes onto your ride and make the short drive north out of hell’s kitchen to the cool vistas of Brian Head Resort. When it’s 110° in Vegas, it’s mid-70’s on the mountain.

When you arrive at Brian Head, there’s a vast parking lot awaiting you. It’s at the very base of the mountain, very close to the chair lifts. Roll your bikes off and away you go! If you prefer, you can rent one of our well-maintained, reliable bikes.

mountain bike riding brian head resort

Brian Head Trails @ Mountain Bike Park 2022

Our 4-abreast high speed chairlifts carry you and your bikes effortlessly uphill. We pride ourselves on safe, damage free equipment transport to the trail heads.

We have 9 trails that appeal to all 3 levels, from beginners to intermediate to challenging runs for the advanced. With access to hundreds of miles of trails you’re sure to find a favorite. 

Check out some of our modern, professionally designed flow trails. Color Flow is the preferred flow for beginners, and it features a moderate elevation drop over 3½ miles in length. It’s a great first fun for checking the bike out and settling into a rhythm.

The remaining trails are for intermediate to advanced skills. Little Glitter, Tank’s Track, Grissender, Lower Glitter, Timber Glitter and Old Color Country feature every variety of challenge you could ask for. Each one is unique and a thrill every millisecond.

Check out the Summer Bike Park Map 

With miles off world class trails you’ll be sure to find favorite sections to meet, match, or challenge your riding style.

If you’ve never been to Brian Head Mountain Bike Park before, welcome. We’re excited to have you join us because now is the perfect time to try it out. Kids are back in school so the crowds have thinned. The weather is absolutely perfect! It’s that magic gap after summer heat dissipates and before winter snows come howling in.

We rent bikes and equipment.

It is advisable to call ahead and reserve yours. We offer kid’s as well as performance bikes. We have helmets, shin guards, and elbow guards. We even offer insurance, if you like.

If you’re a regular on the mountain, give us another run before the season ends and tell us what you think about how the trails have evolved. Every season we strive to rework, renew, and refresh your biking experience at Brian Head Resort. Upgrading is our middle name and we want your input. 

Brian Head Resort is the closest outdoor resort destination near Las Vegas. It is open seasonally for the finest in summer and winter recreation. Easily accessible off Interstate 15 the area offers quick service restaurants, fine dining, plenty of lodging, and there is even a Walmart nearby. There are specialty rental and repair shops, clothing boutiques, and emergency services. Safe fun for families or partying singles, you’ll find everything you need for a perfect getaway.

Brian Head Resort is located at 329 South Highway 143, Brian Head, Utah 84719. Call us at 435.677-2935.


Photo Credits: Mike Saemisch @lifeofbrianhead