A Thriving Snow Community, Brian Head Is Overflowing With Winter Activities

If there is one thing that people associate with winter vacations, it’s skiing and snowboarding. When people say they go away to the mountains for a vacation, visions of shoop-shooping down the slopes automatically come to mind. While ski resorts, like Brian Head Resort and our sister resorts, are ideal places to spend your winter vacation, it really helps to know that there is much more to them than just sliding down the mountains on the latest skiing technology. You need snow to ski and to board your snowboard, but you can enjoy snow in many other ways too. 

Mountain resorts are expanding out beyond skiing and snowboarding options – you can do so much more with your family when you head to resorts these days. Mountain resorts also have the luxury of being available all year round – when the snow isn’t! You want to think about how you can enjoy the resorts without the snowboarding and skiing – and we’ve got plenty of fun things that you can do in the snow besides snowboarding or skiing. Many of them you can enjoy that are nearby Brian Head Resort!

Sleigh riding

Is there anything better than skimming over the snow in the cozy comfort of a sleigh? While you might not be taken around by reindeer courtesy of Father Christmas, you will find a horse-drawn option plenty of fun. With the sleigh bells gently ringing and the cold air brushing across your cheeks, you’re going to find nothing but relaxation as you go! The kids can get involved, and you can even feed the animals most of the time. If you get the chance, go on a night time sleigh ride – everyone will love it! Even when the resort is low on snow during the season, you can still enjoy a sleigh ride on wheels! 

Snowman competitions

Often, resorts will have epic snowball fights and snowman building competitions. Is there anything more fun than diving in with the whole family to enjoy the snow together? You can compete against each other and have a whale of a time in the snow compacting the powder down into perfect three-balled snowmen!

Go tubing!

There are some resorts that still embrace fast downhill activities like tubing. Both kids and adults love sitting in inner tubes and flying down mountain sides. It’s rather like sledding, but with huge tubes that glide over the snow! You will have so much fun with the whole family but just make sure that you’re all safe as you go.


A traditional activity in the snow, sledding down the mountain is just the most perfect wintry activity and the whole family can get involved in it. If you want to go one better, try dog sledding across the snow and let the excitement of the dogs take you along. You’re going to hear screaming laughter coming from the kids and there’s no doubt about it; you’ll be joining in! Dog sledding is going to provide you all with so much joy you won’t be able to contain yourself. You get to see the sights and the rest of the mountains as you go, too, which really does bring a lot of happiness.

Ice skating

Okay, so this one isn’t quite about being in the snow, but lacing up your skates and going across a natural ice rink will mean everything when you want a break from skiing or snowboarding. Get everyone gathered for s’mores and hot chocolate afterwards to warm up again! If you feel good about it, take a glide under the stars during a night skating slot and you’ll see the stars pop up one by one! You can find wonderful ice skating rinks located close to our resort in Brian Head, Utah.

Campfire fun

If your resort does it, you can sit around the campfire and tell stories, sing songs and enjoy the company of everyone around you! You can move inside again if it’s too chilly for a movie and a hot drink, but a campfire and a cookout in the snow? Those are memories you’re going to keep hold of forever. 

It doesn’t take away from being on the slopes and skiing, but when you choose to have fun in the snow, you can look beyond the snowboards and salopettes. Your experience in the snow doesn’t have to be all about slaloming down the mountains; there’s skating, snowshoeing, starry nights and s’mores to be had. You can really enjoy your winter vacation and enjoy every second of it – all you have to do is seek out the right resort that offers you the right options for your perfect family vacation.