Why You Should Get Your Kids Learning To Ski

When you are considering your next family vacation, what are you picturing? Are you imagining sandcastles and oceans? Hot nights and swimming pools? You won’t be alone in that thought. In fact, most families choose a beach break above every other type of family vacation. The thing is, until you’ve experienced seeing the look on your children’s faces as they touch fresh, powdery snow for the very first time on the side of a mountain, you won’t know that booking a skiing vacation and learning to ski  is the best thing that you can do this winter. 

Getting the kids involved in winter sports is a fantastic idea. It benefits the entire family in so many ways, and you are going to be offering them some experiences that they won’t get elsewhere, either. Taking the time to choose the best skiing resort and teachers (spoiler alert: it’s ours) is the best thing to do this vacation season. Are you still worried whether it’s a good idea? Well don’t worry – we’ve all the reasons that you need to get your kids learning to ski this winter.

Getting outside

As a parent, you can appreciate the benefits of getting the kids outside into the fresh air outside. You know that with the rise of video games, kids are often stuck with a screen to enjoy every time they want to have fun. By getting your kids out into the fresh air, you give them a whole new perspective on what’s fun. They get more options when they’re at a resort, and you can even go beyond skiing with snowshoeing and skating on ice!

They’re the right age

Kids are little sponges and let’s face it – they’re fearless in some ways! When it comes to the challenge of skiing, they’re more likely to embrace it and absorb the lessons more easily. There are ski schools around that offer lessons from toddler ages, and kids have an absolute ball learning how to enjoy the snow and respect the mountain. And Kids 12 and under get a FREE Power Kids season pass that’s good at all Power Pass resorts!

You’re going to stay young, too!

When your kids are learning to ski, they are going to keep you young, too. You don’t have to feel old and sluggish when you have kids keeping you as active as they’re staying, too. You can have just as much fun as they are and you’re going to be able to enjoy time on the slopes, too. If you raise children who live an active life, they’re going to be keeping you moving and on your toes in the best possible way.

The chance to bond

When you participate in family sports, you’re going to better bond together and enjoy time as a unit. It’s not always easy to find the time together, but you can when you are on the slopes and skiing. You can spend time on the slopes in the daytime, and then in the evening sit around the resort fireplace and drink delicious hot chocolate and make ‘Smores!

You get to spend time as a couple

Did you know there are some ski resorts that offer lessons for kids in group packages, allowing you and your partner to have some much needed time as a couple. You need the break from time to time and when you put the kids in a set of lessons, you get a couple of hours to yourself to reconnect and be together. 

There are discounts!

Booking your winter skiing vacation as a family can often lead to you having money off. Discounts are abundant and booking an adults and children family package is so much easier, with you all coming together as one for a vacation. Most resorts offer discount family packages for four, but you can always add on more adults and children if you want to. This allows you to have new memories made at a bargain and that can make all the difference to you if you are looking for a winter vacation that is easy on the wallet. 

Are you and your family looking to go skiing this winter break? Choose us and you’ll be able to get your kids into one of the most amazing winter sports around. Skiing is good for their health, their happiness and their good moods. Your children are going to make the best memories and have a lot of fun when you choose to take them skiing for their winter vacation, and you’ll find a range of options out there to suit your family, giving you the best possible vacation this year.