Brian Head Resort Mountain Bike Park

The summer rental fleet is now available for purchase. This includes Pivot and Kona high performance and basic mountain bikes. Multiple sizes and upgrades are available. All bikes sold are available for pick-up or delivery – delivery will incur additional costs. Bike prices and availability are subject to change. 

For additional information please contact Ken Jenson at:

Lift Hours

Day Hours
Friday 9:30am – 5:00pm
Saturday 9:30am – 6:00pm
Sunday 9:30am – 5:00pm

Witness the Evolution of a Bike Park

Our mountain bike park is growing. We’ve added new flow trails with perfectly sculpted berms and tabletops. Bikers can now experience the thrill of a modern, world-class bike park with a completed product that is designed to mix and match your favorite segments for an experience that is unique to your riding style. Expect more new trails as well as improvements to our existing trails as we continue to serve your biking needs.


The Brian Head Resort Mountain Bike Park is revered for its incredible gravity fed flow, technical single track, and access to hundreds of miles of scenic back country trails. Our lift-served terrain accesses beginner to advanced level trails. Start small and work your way up to more challenging trails and features!

In 2018, we partnered with Momentum Trail Concepts to create a modern, world-class lift-served trail experience.

New to the Bike Park since our partnership with Momentum are Color Flow, Little Glitter, Lower Glitter, Tanks Track, Grissender,  and Timberglitter. These modern flow trails are the best place to begin, learn, progress, and expand your techniques on a mountain bike.

Color Flow is a beginner level modern flow trail spanning approximately 3.5 miles. Color Flow is the perfect trail for new riders, with single track and flow sections to help conquer the necessary skills needed to be a better biker.

Little Glitter, Tank’s Track, Grissender, Lower Glitter, Timber Glitter and Old Color Country. These intermediate to advanced level excavated flow trails are each a uniquely thrilling downhill experience created by Momentum Trail Concepts. Fast flowy rollers, tabletops, steep berms and more can be found on these intermediate-level excavated flow trails.

Trail Description and Status

TrailDifficulty and Description
High-speed Lift AccessGiant Steps Express features brand new bike carriers, which simultaneously carry 4 bikes without the stress of damaging your frame.
Color FlowLevel: Beginner
Our easiest single-track option. This mellow trail takes the scenic route down the mountain, with beginner flow sections and beginner-level single track. All jumps are rollable and easily bypassed. Use to find the Peak Access backcountry exit point to Bunker Creek and the Vista hiking trail.
Little (Upper) GlitterLevel: Intermediate
This blue line contains berms, jumps, tables, and beginner step-up. All features are rollable with no mandatory jumps or drops. Use this trail to find the trailhead for Wildflower and connect with Lil’ Gritty, Z-Line Connector, Lower Glitter, Tank’s Track, Grissender, and Color Flow.
Tank’s TrackLevel: Advanced
Fast, engaging berms, a lily-pad, and jumps! Trailhead branches off Wildflower just below the Alpen Way access road. Be sure to look for the hidden trail segment Ken’s Woods off to your left in the trees.
Lower GlitterLevel: Intermediate
Top to bottom flow is now possible by taking Little Glitter to Lower Glitter! Lower Glitter features several large tables, hips, and rock ladders that will have you begging for one more lap.
Timberline DHLevel: Advanced
The classic and rowdy DH trail that made Brian Head Bike Park famous! New features have been added! Find the trailhead by using the Timberline access road at the top of the lift or the redesigned Upper Timberline trail.
Upper TimberlineLevel: Intermediate
This year’s Momentum project will play with unique topography and connect Timberline DH with an amazing single-track from the top. This trail will serve as a second blue line from the top and connect directly with Momentum’s other 2021 project, Timber Glitter. Use to access Dark Hollow via the Mace’s Run backcountry exit point.
TimberglitterLevel: Intermediate
Timberglitter, RECENTLY upgraded name, Momentum’s 2021 project will include connecting Upper Timberline with Little Glitter. Your new favorite entry to Z connector and lower glitter.
Z-Line ConnectorLevel: Advanced
This short but brilliant segment features mandatory drops and fast corners. Find it towards the end of Upper Glitter and use it to connect with Timberline DH.
Lil’ GrittyLevel: Advanced
Old school NORBA meets modern Momentum enhancements in this rugged top to bottom DH racecourse. Use as a standalone speed track or an advanced trailhead option to access most trails in the park.
GrissenderLevel: Intermediate
This 2020 mid-mountain option spotlights more of Momentum’s signature boulder bridges, the deepest corners in the park, and features. Trailhead can be found on the Alpen Way access road at the bottom of Upper Glitter, which connects with Wildflower and Lower Timberline.
Wild FlowerLevel: Expert
The gnarliest DH racecourse in the “Utah Gravity Series” is sure to make even the most hardcore riders hoot and holler. Steep, rocky chutes and plenty of drops, this Expert level trail is not for beginner or intermediate riders!
Old Color CountryLevel: Intermediate
Momentum’s 2022 trail project. 1 mile of excavated/organic flow trail through the dense forest of the North boundary. Hang a North of Timberline Trail just before Ninja jump.

Shuttle Service (Owned and operated independently from Brian Head Resort)

For bike shuttles and general transportation to Brian Head Resort, contact Brian Head Shuttle at (435) 590-1473. Brian Head Shuttle provides transportation to all the popular biking trails including Dark Hallow, Bunker Creek, and Blow Hard Mountain. Shuttle service and mountain bike rentals at Brian Head Resort are available seven days a week with advance reservations. Call our reservations office at 435-677-2035 to check rental availablitiy. For more information visit

The US Forest Service has been rebuilding back country trails that were destroyed in the 2017 Wildfire. We will continue to monitor the progress of the back country trails in our backyard. Right Fork of Bunker Creek was reopened in 2019. Dark Hollow was reopened in 2020.

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*For safety reasons, babies in bike seats, backpacks, harnesses, etc. are not allowed on Brian Head Resort’s trail network.

*No Dogs are allowed on the chairlifts, biking trails or hiking trails. Dogs must be on a leash at all times in the parking lot or when around the lodge.

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