High Mountain Outfitters

Brian Head’s High Mountain Outfitters and Gifts continues to flourish. Why? It’s simple: the resort retail shops have been and will continue to be more than just a store. We are the place to get information about the resort and the mountain, get fitted properly for all types of skiing and snowboarding apparel, and purchase this gear at reasonable prices. But more than that, we are a resource for the terrain base learning with our ski and snowboard school, the 71 runs, and the amount of snow received every day that make Brian Head a special place for the skiing/snowboarding enthusiast. We invite you to come by today to experience what will surely be a unique shopping experience.
  • Our friendly staff will help answer questions about the resort and the surrounding area.
  • Quality products
  • Excellent customer service. (Create relationships, better buying experience than online. We are knowledgeable about the products and brands.)
  • Affordable prices, match or below MSRPs
  • Competitive. Will try to match product prices found online.
Shopping at Brian Head’s High Mountain Outfitters and Gifts is about giving our customers a great experience with quality products to choose from at affordable prices. Bottom line. We want you to get products that allow you to get on the slopes and stay out longer.