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Season Pass FAQ

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Product Details

Q. What is the Power Pass Select?

The Power Pass Select offers unlimited access to Brian Head and 5 other mountains plus 12 shared days between Arizona Snowbowl and Purgatory (blackout dates: 12/27/23-1/2/24, 1/13/24-1/14/24, 2/17/24-2/18/24) at a lower price point than the Power Pass. This pass also offers benefits such as 6 discounted tickets and 3 FREE days at partner resorts, all at a lower price point than the Power Pass. Includes 3 days of Mountain Biking at Brian Head, Purgatory, and Pajarito when purchased prior to May 20th 2023.

Q: What’s the difference between the Power Pass and the Power Pass Select?

These two products sound the same, but their benefits are different: the Power Pass comes with unlimited access to Purgatory and all of our mountains: no blackout dates! The Power Pass Select offers 12 shared days between Purgatory and Arizona Snowbowl (blackout dates: 12/27/23-1/2/24, 1/13/24-1/14/24, 2/17/24-2/18/24) plus unlimited access to Hesperus, Brian Head, Pajarito, Sipapu, Nordic Valley and Spider Mountain at a lower price point than the Power Pass. Both passes come with six 30% off discounted online lift tickets and 10% off on-mountain services, including food and beverage, ski school and rentals. The Power Pass includes 3 free days at Copper Mountain, Loveland, Monarch Mountain & Sundance. The Power Pass Select is 3 free days at Sundance & Monarch Mountain. If you purchase this pass by 5/20/23, you receive 3 FREE days of mountain bike uplifts at each of our bike parks: Purgatory, Brian Head and Pajarito (in addition to the unlimited access at Spider Mountain through 4/30/24).

Q: I just want to ski my home mountain. What pass should I buy?

A: It all depends on when and where you want to ski. The Power Pass comes with unlimited access to Brian Head Resorts. The Power Pass Select offers unlimited skiing at Brian Head Resorts plus 12 shared days of skiing at Snowbowl and Purgatory (blackout dates: 12/27/23-1/2/24, 1/13/24-1/14/24, 2/17/24-2/18/24). Brian Head Resort also offers a discounted My Weekday pass that provides restricted weekday access (blackout dates: 12/27/23-12/29/23, 1/1/24-1/2/24) at Brian Head Resort only.

Q: What is the My Weekday Pass?

The My Weekday pass gives you the flexibility to ski on the weekday(s) that you choose.  Customize your ski week by choosing any or all days, Monday through Friday. The Value Pass will also include six 30% off online Brian Head Tickets. (blackout dates: 12/27/23-12/29/23, 1/1/24-1/2/24)

Q: What’s the difference between the Youth Power Pass and the FREE Power Kids pass?

A: With the Power Kids pass, kids ages 12 and younger receive a FREE season pass that’s valid at all of our ski areas, including Brian Head, Purgatory, Hesperus, Arizona Snowbowl, Pajarito, Sipapu and Nordic Valley — plus at Spider Mountain Bike Park. This pass provides direct to lift access and no other winter or summer benefits. Power Kids now get unlimited mountain bike uplifts at every Power Pass Bike Park (Brian Head, Purgatory, Pajarito and Spider Mountain).

The Youth Power Pass (which is valid for kids ages 13-18 at the time of purchase) provides this same access to all of our ski areas, plus FREE days at our partner ski areas, mountain discounts and more.

Q: What is the Mountain Bike Power Pass?

The Mountain Bike Power Pass provides unlimited summer uplift access to all Power Pass bike parks: Spider, Purgatory, Pajarito and Brian Head. Access at the other bike parks is valid through their respective closing days. There are no benefits on this pass, but you do enjoy direct access to the lift – plus no blackout dates.

Q: What is the 4 Day Power Pass

This new product is a low-cost, low-commitment option perfect for those interested in skiing at Brian Head up to four days (and don’t mind blackout dates).

Power Kids

Q. Is the Power Kids pass really free?

Yes! Kids ages 12 and younger at the time of purchase are eligible for a FREE season pass, the Power Kids pass! There’s no strings attached, no blackout dates, no purchase required – it’s truly FREE. Learn more.

Q: My child turns 13 before next winter. Are they eligible for Power Kids?

The Power Kids pass is for kids ages 12 and younger at the time of purchase. As long as your kiddo is 12 when you register for the pass, you’re set.

Q: Do I need to show you proof of age?

Yes. You’ll be asked to submit legal paperwork that proves your child’s age (most parents provide a copy of their child’s birth certificate).

Q: Do I need to buy something to get a Power Kids pass?

Nope! There’s no strings attached – this pass is really and truly FREE.

Q: Will you ship my Power Kids pass?

Sure! Just make sure you select the free shipping option.

Q: Does this pass come with any benefits, like discounted hot chocolate?

The Power Pass and Power Pass Select include 10% off at select Power Pass resort restaurant locations with the exception of food trucks and outside vendors. Discount does not apply towards alcohol. Discount does not apply to Ten3 Restaurant.

Q: My child has a Power Kids pass from the 2022/2023 season. Do we need a new one?

Power Kids photos must be updated every 3 years. If your little ripper’s photo has expired, you will be prompted to upload a new one. If your child’s photo is less than 3 years old, the Power Kids pass your kiddo wore all winter on their lanyard, zipper or even helmet can be used again next season, too.

Q: Mountain Biking! Awesome! What about the summer activities?

Power Kids comes with FREE skiing and FREE mountain biking. Other summer activities like scenic chairlift rides or other cool stuff are not included on the Power Kids pass and must be purchased separately.


Q. Where can I use my discounted lift tickets?

Please visit the Benefits page for more information.

Q: How can I redeem my discounted lift tickets or on-mountain products?

Your six 30% off tickets included with the Power Pass, 12 Day Power Pass, 4 Day Power Pass or My Weekday pass will be available for online redemption. For the Power Pass, 12 Day Power Pass, and 4 Day Power Pass, tickets may be redeemed online for Snowbowl, Purgatory, Sipapu, Pajarito, Sandia Peak, Nordic Valley, Brian Head, Willamette Pass and Spider Mountain. For My Weekday passes, tickets may be redeemed online for Snowbowl only. Redeem your buddy tickets here!

Q: Where are the resorts where I can get 3 free days?

Please visit the Benefits page for more information.

Buying & Receiving My Pass

Q: What is your photo criteria?

Ever taken a passport photo? Think of this as your passport to powder! Please follow our photo guidelines to ensure a smooth fulfillment process.

Your photo must:

  • Show your face without any face obstructing accessories (leave your hat, helmet, sunglasses, and scarves off for this shot!)
  • Be recent (within the last month)
  • Have a neutral, light-colored background

Show us those pearly whites! Smiles are encouraged for your photo. You are excited for winter, right!

Please note: Photos that do not meet these requirements may delay your receipt of your pass.

Q: How do I get my new pass?

All season passes are eligible for FREE shipping! 2023/2024 season passes will be mailed this spring – you will receive an email notifying you when we drop it in the mail. NOTE: if you purchased a 2023/2024 season pass, you can continue to ski on that pass the rest of the winter! If you did not purchase a 2023/2024 season pass and want to use it this spring, do not select free shipping; instead, please visit the Season Pass Office at Giant Steps the first day you’d like to ski.

Q: Can I have my pass mailed to me?

A: When you purchase a Power Pass or Power Pass Select, you can select to have it mailed to you with FREE shipping or pick up in person at the Brian Head Resort Season Pass Office.

Buy Now, Ski Now

Q. How long is it available?

This benefit is available on all 2023/2024 season passes.

Q: How can I start skiing now on my 2023/2024 Season pass?

With our new Buy Now, Ski Now benefit, you can start skiing immediately on your new 2023/2024 season pass! If you want to use your pass right away, do not select free shipping at checkout. Instead, come to the ticket window to pick up your new pass.

Q: I have a My Weekday season pass. Can I ski weekends the rest of this spring?

No, the restrictions that are on your 2023/2024 pass apply for the remainder of the 2023/2024 season: if you purchased a new pass that’s eligible for weekdays only, you can only ski weekdays.

Payment Plan

Q. What is the payment plan?

All passes are eligible for our no-interest payment plan which allows you to evenly split your pass price over time. You’ll be charged for the initial payment at the time of purchase, followed by automatic payments on the 30th of each month through November 30, 2023 (or July 30, 2023 for summer passes). Learn more here.

Q: Is there an interest or a finance charge when I choose to pay with the payment plan?

No. There is no interest, finance charge, or any hidden fees.

Q: Does my season pass cost more when I chose the payment plan?

No. In fact, your monthly payment could be less than the price of a lift ticket.

Q: Do I still get the same benefits if I choose the payment plan, rather than paying it all at once?

Yes. Enjoy all the benefits of being a season passholder while you’re paying for your pass.

Q: How many months will it take to pay for my pass this way?

This is an automatic monthly payment plan. The number of payments – and number of months – depends on when you purchase your season pass. All payments are complete on November 30. It’s important to purchase your pass by the 14th of the month to maximize the number of payments you have and lower your monthly payment. When you purchase the pass, you are charged for an initial payment. After that, you are charged on the 30th of every month until the pass is paid in full. 

Q: Can I update my credit card online?

Yes, you can update your credit card information online. You will need your Web Sale number which can be found at the top of your confirmation email.

Q: Is the payment plan an option for all season pass products?


Q: Can I use the payment plan on anything else, like rentals or ski school?

No. At this time, the payment plan is only an option to purchase season passes.

Q: Do I have to wait until my pass is paid in full before I can use it?

No. As long as you are regularly making the monthly payment, you can use your pass anytime. If you fall behind on your payments, your pass will be suspended. Payments that are declined may be charged a $20 administrative fee per incident.

Season Pass Refunds

Q. Is my season pass refundable?

A: Season passes are non-refundable unless the Season Pass Refund Option is selected at the time of purchase.

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