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Uphill Policy

Uphill Travel at Brian Head Resort

Brian Head Resort (the “ski area”) and the United States Forest Service (“USFS”) encourage the use of public lands.  The ski area is located on private and public land and operates the ski area through a Special Use Permit granted from the USFS.  The uphill travel policy reflects our commitment to seek a balance between mitigating safety concerns of uphill travel as a recreation use within the downhill ski area/Special Use Permit area with the reasonable needs we have in operating a sustainable and successful ski area.

Access to the ski area permit boundary or trails at any time, with or without a day pass/season pass, is at your own risk and you assume all risks associated with your use of ski area property.  Such risks include but not limited to falling and downed trees or limbs, deep snow conditions and tree wells, unstable snow and ice conditions including slides and avalanches, wildlife encounters, snowmaking operations, snowmobiles, snow cats, bare spots, rocks, stumps, changing weather conditions, collision with natural, man-made objects or other skiers.

Uphill Travel Policy

  1. Snowshoeing, bootpacking, or other means of uphill travel is not permitted. Each individual must have a commercially manufactured backcountry touring  ski or splitboard setup.
  2. Check uphill travel information and status on our website before arriving at the ski area.  Closed trails and terrain may not be marked or signed from the top or bottom of the trail but information regarding closures can be found by checking the website.  It is your responsibility to be sure you are using only open trails and terrain.  
  3. Follow designated uphill routes
  4. Yield and steer clear of downhill users and ski area machinery, i.e. grooming machines and snowmobiles, until moving entities are well away from you.  Adhere to the Skier Responsibility Code to avoid contact with downhill users and ski area personnel.  Stay to the side of the trail when ascending and off of freshly groomed areas during ascent or descent.
  5. Access to the terrain park is prohibited outside of normal operating hours.  Features may not be fully constructed, maintained, or tested. Snowmaking or other maintenance operations may be ongoing at any time.  Snow grooming equipment and personnel may be working in the park outside of normal operating hours.
  6. Uphill access to the terrain park may be considered during events. Please refer to the event information via for information.
  7. Dogs are NOT permitted within the ski area boundary.
  8. If traveling in the ski area in the dark, fluorescent and/or reflective clothing is highly recommended.  Use a headlamp or flashlight.
  9. If your presence in the ski area permit boundary presents a hazard or impedes maintenance operations as determined by ski area staff, you may be directed by staff to use a different location or route.  You must follow such directions.
  10. Uphill travel restricted to non operational hours. Lifts must be closed.  You may be asked to exit the ski area trails when Ski Patrol conducts its evening sweep at closing time.  You may re-enter the ski area trails after the mountain has been cleared by Ski Patrol.
  11. If you leave the resort boundary, you must do so from an approved exit point.
  12. Transceiver, probe, shovel, a buddy and Avy Savvy recommended. 
  13. Helmets are recommended.
  14. If you pack it in, pack it out.  Help keep Brian Head clean for all.

Within the Brian Head Special Use Permit area, uphill travel is permitted on designated routes under conditions that don’t adversely impact avalanche mitigation, grooming, snowmaking, parking, snow removal, maintenance, or other ski area operations.  Uphill travel and downhill recreation by uphill travelers is restricted within the ski area boundary to designated uphill routes and open downhill trails or areas.  Specific uphill routes can change or may be closed at any time due to safety concerns or hazardous conditions.

Designated Route

Blackfoot chair (3): Ascend Desbah on left edge of trail (looker’s left), then connect to left edge of Wild Ride at the bottom of Roulette chair (5).  Continue up Hard Times to the top of Roulette. Access to the top of Giant Steps Express from the back of Roulette up Hunters Run (lookers left).

Form and Waiver

You are required to have an Uphill Access pass on you while climbing/skiing during Uphill hours. Register for your 2023/2024 Uphill Access pass here

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