Ski Bike Policy

Brian Head Resort accommodates skiers and snowboarders using traditional equipment that must include bindings and ski retention devices. Brian Head Resort also accommodates ski bike operators. Ski bikes are a  hybrid approach for downhill skiing.

  1. Ski Bikes must be commercially manufactured or a commercially manufactured conversion kit for a mountain bike.
  2. Ski Bikes must be equipped with an appropriate retention device to prevent runaway equipment.
  3. Ski bikes must not impede the natural flow of lift operations.
  4. Users must be able to know how to load and unload the lift safely.

Devices without appropriate binding systems, restraining devices, and foot passengers are not allowed on lifts or terrain. Recreational devices NOT allowed on Brian Head Resort slopes at any time include sleds, toboggans, ski scooters, snow skateboards, snowshoes, snow feet & similar devices, snowmobiles, et cetera.

Exceptions and reasonable accommodations are made only for disabled skiers using acceptable adaptive equipment that includes a binding and retention device. If the disabled skier cannot load, ride, or unload the lift by themselves safely, then they must be accompanied by their personal assistant.

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