Brian Head vs. Park City

Brian Head vs. Park City

A lot of us feel like Brian Head Resort is the best place in Utah to go skiing! We enjoy the 71 trails and easy on and off chair lifts. It has got everything anyone could want. Plenty of places to eat and stay, equipment shops, and lots of free parking. 

The rub is that someone in the gang always wants to go to Park City, Utah. What! Are you out of your mind?!

They hit us with the same old broken record about tons of runs and lifts. So much to do. I just glaze over.

Do not get me wrong, Park City is okay, but it is just a totally different vibe when compared to Brian Head. I mean, here, take a look.

Brian Head Resort is close, yet not remote. If you are in northern Utah, you might have to drive a little longer to get there, but you more than makeup for lost time by not waiting in absurdly long and slow lines.

Everything in Park City is congested. It is a nightmare. You are in the shadow of Salt Lake City, less than 40 miles away from over a million people wanting to do exactly what you are thinking. Like thousands of ants crawling around you, you are never alone, never a safe distance from anyone. People everywhere! In lines for chair lifts, restaurants, ski rental, and those awful shuttles. You cannot park near anything! It is named Park City, but you have nowhere to park! They ought to call the place Hike City! You walk all over everywhere to get anywhere. Tons of extra miles to get to anything! 

Or maybe call it Shuttle City! You’re Jones-ing to get on the slopes, but no! Here you are, standing in line waiting to catch a shuttle. You shuttle from the parking lot. A shuttle from one resort to another. Shuttle. Shuttle! SHUTTLE! And it never fails. You get in a line to catch one and find yourself dealing with flatlanders from Kansas who seem intent on impaling you on the end of their rented ski pole. You’re dodging the soccer mom up from the city with 6 kids, 4 of whom aren’t her own and all of whom are on a sugar rush.

So, while my friends love talking about the amazing Park City experience and being near a major metropolitan area, they invariably hate the experience of actually living it out.

I like Brian Head Resort because I save money and get a better snow fix! Adult lift tickets at Park City run around a high of $164 a day during the week and higher on weekends. You pay $99 during the week. Weekends are priced higher. I do not want to buy the resort! I just want to ski. 

It is easy to get to, right of I-15, and it’s so close to lots of places to ski, snowboard, and tube. Plenty of winter sports nearby like snowmobiling, ice fishing, cross country snowshoeing, hiking, and climbing, and more.

Brian Head is privately owned and operated. It is not a publicly-traded company that answers to Wall Street. Brian Head is on Main Street and focuses on people like you and me, rather than worrying about meeting quarterly projections no matter the negative impact on service and customer satisfaction. Park City owns a lot of ski areas. They are spread out from the western US to the northeast and on up into Canada and even overseas to Australia. They are not intimate like Brian Head Resorts, which specializes in taking good care of the customers in its 6 Rocky Mountain resorts. I’m a cherished customer at Brian Head, not just another number on a corporate spreadsheet, a dollar on a ledger page a thousand miles from nowhere.

Sure, Park City has multiple ski resorts with over 330 trails. A lot going on with a lot of people. And accordingly, there is no intimacy. I get lost in a crowd.

The choice is yours, of course. Choose whether you want to ski the pristine solitude of Southern Utah or be a stone’s throw from Salt Lake City where it is more like skiing downtown LA! Maybe less drive time to Park City, but it is a trip to line-o-mania. Choose Brian Head with small lines and NO SHUTTLES.

COVID Safety at Brian Head

During the pandemic, Brian Head does everything to ensure safety. They continuously monitor capacity and maintain masking and social distancing. Sanitation stations are available, and reminders are posted everywhere. There is a sanitation team that wipes down surfaces, rails, hardware, and areas people come into contact with. Restaurant menu items are pre-packaged for grab and go. They prefer we stick with our immediate family or travel companions as much as possible. Every skier, snowboarder, tuber, and visitor is cherished, so please maintain good health precautions while there. Be careful and mindful. Consideration of others is always and deeply appreciated.

Easy Travel

Brian Head Resort and the towns of Brian Head and nearby Parwan and Cedar City offer everything to accommodate your lifestyle and expectations. These communities are on I-15 the main north-south artery that carries millions of tons of cargo. Let’s just say you are only 30 minutes away from Walmart if you get my drift.

Whether you’re touring Utah’s “Mighty 5“ national parks, escaping the glitz of Las Vegas, or looking for a unique destination, take a trip to Brian Head Resort.

Some folks prefer day skiing. Others want to crash down in a comfy room. Rest assured there are plenty of vacation rentals and hotel/motel rooms nearby. Like any smart traveler, check and book ahead. As you would expect, Brian Head Resort has a wonderful relationship with the township of Brian Head and rooming agencies there.

Above a cradled valley, high above tree-lined mountains, the resort lies on 11,312 foot Brian Head Peak, the highest point on the Markagunt Plateau. It offers 71 trails, 2 tubing parks, 8 chair lifts, 3 surface lifts, snowboarding, and skiing. There is every imaginable recreational sport and activity nearby including snowmobiling, hiking, and fishing.

See You Soon!

Find out everything you want to know at We constantly update snow conditions, hours of operation, and you can check things out for yourself through our webcams. Feel free to call us at 435.677-2035. For your GPS, our physical address is 329 South Highway 143, Brian Head, Utah 85719.

Brian Head Resort is close by, affordable, and safe. Ski Utah. Ski Brian Head.