Ski Into Spring 2022 At Brian Head

This is it, your last chance to hit the slopes at Brian Head Resorts! Spring skiing is in its prime and we have been blessed with plenty of snow at a time when a lot of resorts are having to close early.

The pangs of skiing withdrawal are painful. You’re already feeling the looming gloom. But you have time to hold off the inevitable just a little longer and get your final fix of snow addiction! Go to Brian Head! You’ll enjoy it to the max! You’ll add another reel of lasting memories and capture one more experience on the mountain!

Lots of people actually prefer these milder days and conditions for snowboarding, tubing, and schussing! Rumor has it that the Easter Bunny might even be seen.

The slopes are emptier, and the snow is softer. You can pack and travel lighter. A shell jacket and pants might well replace your ski suit. Thin gloves supersede mittens, sunglasses preempt goggles. Having said all this good stuff, it’s still the mountains so be prepared to layer up just in case the weather pulls a 180.

If you enjoy unpredictable challenges, spring skiing is for you! You might get lucky and hit fresh powder. But more predictably expect “corn snow.” You know, that bumpy, pebbly stuff that indeed does look like corn. You might hit a patch of soft slush and then on the same run slip sideways over an ice patch the size of Maine. Spring skiing is for the fierce, the fiery, and the free!

But fear not. For gentler souls, Brian Head still has plenty of groomed slopes. The kids will appreciate this one last trip. Get up there for spring break and Easter!

We still have rental equipment and lodging available, but it’s always a good idea to check ahead for what you may need.

Brian Head Resort is the highest ski area in all of Utah and remains the prime destination for Nevada and Southern Utah fun seekers. Go online for lift tickets, current conditions, and amenities. Log into Hey, and if you’re already Jonesing for next year, Power Passes for the 2022-2023 ski season are now on sale on the same site!

Go ahead! Punch your passes one last time and come on up to Brian Head Resort for Spring Skiing!


Photo Credit: Mike Saemisch @lifeofbrianhead