Viva Las Vegas

Las Vegas is home to some very special people

They create the Entertainment Capital of the World! A city, unlike any other place. It’s where people come to suspend reality as they walk past a medieval castle on their way to a great pyramid shooting a shaft of bright light as wide as a truck thousands of miles into space. Look! There’s Paris, France, and the Eiffel Tower. Over there is Venice! Look, an exploding volcano and now dancing fountains jetting rows of water a hundred feet in the air!

Behind every marvel, behind the curtain, are the people. Real flesh and blood Wizards of Oz who want to go places and do things when they’re not at work.

What do they do when they want to go snow skiing and snowboarding?

They go to Brian Head Resort in southern Utah!

McCarran International Airport is a world-class facility. It is consistently listed in the Top Ten Busiest Airports in the U.S. In 2019 over 50 million people passed through it, and a ton of those people were local Las Vegans. With a great airport like that, why don’t they fly to ski areas? The answer is: they do not have to.

Brian Head Ski Area offers Las Vegans everything they want.

It’s a short scenic drive

As the crow flies, Brian Head is a short 165 miles from Las Vegas. As the car drives, it’s roughly 200 miles. To get to it folks drive north up Interstate-15. It’s a nice cruise because you’re driving north-south rather than east-west, so the heat and sun are never in your eyes. The four-lane macadam stretches out under a cruising speed of 75mph. The road winds past the Valley of Fire, through Moapa, past Mesquite into a little sliver of Arizona…a little sliver that takes you through picturesque Virgin River Canyon. The canyon’s steep colorful cliffs vault straight up on either side of the highway as the smooth road snakes past them. In 20 miles you spill out of the canyon and into Utah. A short burst and St. George beckons you to stop for great meals at any of the many terrific restaurants, bars, and grills. Back on the road, you sail through Cedar City and within 40 minutes of Brian Head. Keep north on I-15 and take Exit 75 toward Parowan. Hang a right onto Highway 143 and in 20 minutes you’re in Brian Head.

In the time it takes to get to the airport, check bags, suffer through TSA, hike concourses, and fly, Las Vegans are already skiing at Brian Head, a short 3 hours away.

It has all the amenities

Locals from Las Vegas could go to nearby Lee Canyon for some rough day skiing or seek better conditions by driving south to Big Bear in California, but they don’t.

Brain Head has plenty of rooms and there’s more in nearby Parowan and Cedar City. Every lifestyle accommodation is available to meet every expectation. From ski-in lodges to luxury suites, Las Vegans get what they want at Brian Head Resort.

There is even a Walmart 30 minutes away from the slopes. Need we say more.

Vegans love the location of the actual resort. It is at the base of 11,312-foot Brian Head Peak. With 71 trails, 2 tubing parks, 8 chair lifts, 3 surface lifts, snowboarding, and skiing, there is plenty to do.

People come mostly for skiing and snowboarding. With an average snowfall of 360 inches, conditions are good. The trails accommodate all skill levels, from bunny hill beginners to ultimately challenging runs. There’s even night skiing!

In addition to skiing and boarding, there’s snow tubing. People are towed up the hill on a magic carpet, and like everywhere, there’s more bounce per ounce for tubers! Select nights feature night tubing as well.

Every other imaginable winter and summer recreational sport and activity is nearby including snowmobiling, hiking, and fishing.

As expected, there are all the amenities people expect at an exceptional resort area.

When it comes to shopping convenience, be sure to check out Brian Head’s High Mountain Outfitters. This store carries a wide selection of “everything skiing” at competitively reasonable prices. And in summer it is stocked for outdoor hiking and other activities.  As Vegans are driving up the hill to the resort, they often pre-order what they need from High Mountain Outfitters and pick it upon arrival at the resort?

It’s a year-round destination

Brian Head is the perfect getaway destination for Las Vegans no matter the time of year. Winter sports is certainly a lure, but when they’re exhausted from baking in 110-degree heat, everyone in Vegas beats a path to Brian Head! Summer finds people enjoying mountain biking, disc golf, scenic hiking trails, spectacular views, escape the heat, archery, and bungee trampoline.

It’s close to nearby attractions and national parks

Even though tobogganing and sledding are not allowed in the immediate resort area, there’s plenty of it close by. Lots of snowmobiling as well. There is horseback riding, sleigh rides, camping, 4 -wheeling, RV-ing, trail vehicles, rock climbing, hunting, fishing, and petroglyph sightseeing.

Locals from Vegas often use Brian Head as a base camp for outbound excursions to the Valley of Fire, Zion National Park, and Bryce Canyon. They sometimes work a wheel touring through the five major parks in the area by adding the Grand Canyon and Arches National Park.

It’s safe for kids and challenging for adults

All kinds of Las Vegans escape to Brian Head. Singles and couples, families with pets. It’s a winter playground offering activity, relaxation, rejuvenation, and challenges. And it’s a summer paradise for special getaways too. Slope sports accommodate all skill levels, from beginners to highly advanced.

It’s easy to use

The folks at Brian Head want Las Vegans to enjoy hassle-free experiences. So, everything is made as easy as possible. Booking lift tickets is really slick. No more wasting time waiting in line to buy lift tickets like in the old days. Go online to Brian Head Resort Passport. It’s a FREE service that does convenient, secure, and touchless ticketing. Folks can put other things on their Passport besides lift tickets. Use it for ski lessons and equipment rentals, for example. The Passport Card can be reloaded. A nice feature is the ability to share it with family members and friends. Carry it instead of a wallet or cash.

Vegans who want to use the Brian Head Resort Passport for the first time need to remember to get things set up 7 days in advance to be sure everything clears the system and is ready to go. People love the ease and convenience.

Brian Head is easy to get around. There are seldom massive crowds and long lines like those seen congesting other destination resorts. There are no shuttles. Vegans happily walk to everything they want to enjoy. There are no mega metropolitan areas butting up against Brian Head so there are no steady streams of traffic.

It’s affordable

Comparing Brian Head’s prices to other World Class ski areas is rewarding. Brian Head is a bargain! While other resorts aggressively raise prices, this resort is about attracting loyal repeat customers. Lift tickets are consistently lower than Big Bear, Park City, Vail, or Aspen.

When you work in Vegas, you don’t want to play in Vegas

Smart residents get away from it all and escape to Brian Head.