Brian Head Town Summer Activity Highlights

Bigfoot Outdoor Games is open all week with Pickleball courts, Xtreme Cornhole, Shuffleboard, Giant Chess and more fun family activities. If you like these games, you will love these unique versions and playing at 10,000 feet.

Dixie National Forest

Dixie National Forest surrounds Brian Head and extends for 170 miles across Southern Utah. It includes almost two million acres and is the largest national forest in Utah. The forest is adjacent to three national parks and two national monuments, and includes areas of similar natural beauty. The red sandstone formations in Red Canyon rival those of Bryce Canyon National Park. From the top of Powell Point, it is possible to see for miles into three different states. 

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Ashdown Gorge Wilderness Area

Ashdown Gorge in Dixie National Forest is one of the best kept secrets in Southern Utah. While it’s not for the more casual recreationalist, those who brave the steep trails and rough terrain will be treated to a back country experience few can boast of. The area can be accessed from either the Rattlesnake Trail (named for the creek and not a particular prevalence of vipers — although you always want to watch out for snakes) which is adjacent to the North Entrance of Cedar Breaks National Monument, or the High Mountain Trail which is right off of Dry Lakes Road west of Brian Head.

Bristlecone Pond

Bristlecone Pond is the summer focal point in Brian Head. The pond sits on the south end of the main corridor through Town, and features a large pavilion (which can be reserved by contacting Town Hall). There are also several small picnic pads, campfire rings, a playground, volleyball, basketball and pickleball courts available to the public. The pond is a hotspot for fishing, kayaking, swimming, and paddle boarding. 

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Town Trails

With our high speed quad chairlift and access to premier terrain, Giant Steps Mountain offers trails for beginner, intermediate and advanced mountain bikers! Whether you’re a hiker, downhill racer, or just in the mood for scenery and trails with spectacular views, Brian Head Resort is the spot for you. 

Just before reaching the peak, you’ll see the Sydney Peak Trailhead, which is the jumping off point for several of the hiking and mountain biking trails in Dixie National Forest, including Dark Hollow, Bunker Creek, Sydney Peaks, Spruces, and Mace’s Run. Restrooms are located at the trailhead.


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